Time to Disconnect your Garden Hose

Time to unhook your garden hose

Its November in Central Kentucky which means wild temperature changes from the 40s to the 70s and back again.  Its also a good time to disconnect your outside garden hose from your faucet.

If you are an avid gardener and want to water your plants during this time, please remember to unhook your hose each time, but if you are like most people – its time to just unhook it now until the Spring.

Why? Because water expands as it cools and freezes. Once the ice starts forming, having first blocked any pressure release through the garden hose, pressure builds up in the water lines in the home. Then, somewhere where there is a weak spot in the water line (maybe many feet from the wall), the water line may break and begin to leak. Severe water damage to the home may result. Consider that it is very expensive to repair damage to the water line once it enters the home, so it is worth the extra trouble of disconnecting and reconnecting the garden hose. In the Spring when there is no danger of freezing temperatures, this is not a problem.