Winterizing Your Pipes

The first day of winter in 2021 was December 21st, and we know what that means – absolutely frigid temperatures!  As we’ve seen in the last few years, even states as far south as Texas aren’t immune from a cold snap here or there that can cause havoc on your home.

Let’s start with one of the most vulnerable spots – the outside spigots.  Make sure these spigots are turned off and not leaking any water.  If a hose is connected, unscrew it from the fixture.  Even a small leak or drip can add up to a huge chunk of ice given time.  Other vulnerable areas are indoor piping, such as a pipe in an outside wall leading to a sink.  One simple fix is to open the cabinets under the sink to allow the heat of the home to keep the pipes warmer.  Additionally, you can allow a small drip of lukewarm water to come from the sink.  Finally, drains near outside walls are susceptible to freezing when water collects in the p-trap and sits for longer periods of time, such as in a shower or tub that is used infrequently.  You can combat this by turning the water on every few days and letting it run, not allowing the p-trap to freeze.  With just a little care and observations, you can save yourself a lot of hassle!