How Smart Is Your Toilet?

One might think that plumbing stays the same over time.  Not so!  There’s a few trends that are on the upward tick, so you may want to think about having them installed now before the rush.

We all know about smartphones, but how about smart toilets?  This is much more than just a toilet that conserves water.  Some new models feature self-deodorizers, sensor enabled LED lighting, and self-cleaning features.  Some are even equipped with Alexa, Amazon’s assistant, who can save presets for each user.  Before you think this is frivolous, some toilets will be able to analyze wastewater and inform you of early signs of diabetes, kidney disease, and even cancer.  The smart toilet market is expected to reach $12.9 billion dollars by 2026.

Another trend is touchless fixtures.  Never before in history have we been so aware about what we’re touching, and who’s touched it before.  While these touchless fixtures have mainly been seen in public restrooms like airports or restaurants, they have begun to make their way into the home as well.  Without everyone having to touch the same fixtures, the overall hygiene of the restroom can improve, along with conserving water and energy.

With the real estate market on the rise, sometimes a modern, updated bathroom can be a real selling point.  Even if you aren’t selling, who doesn’t want a clean modern bathroom?  Be sure to keep your washroom updated with the newest trends.