Can We Repurpose Water?

As time goes on, everything seems to be getting “smart.”  Phones, refrigerators, cars and yes, even plumbing!  New advancements in technology have led to some innovative products that you might want to add to your home, increasing resale value and everyday simplicity.

Nothing is worse than a hot water heater or washer leaking water all over the floor.  Insurance claims for such disasters amount to nearly 2.5 billion dollars annually.  Companies like Honywell, Samsung, and LeakSMART are bringing out new products that can help prevent this.  These Smart Water-Leak sensors will set off an alarm or trigger an alert on your phone when a leak begins.  This way you can stop it before it gets too bad.  They are also capable of warning you about pipes that are freezing, or issues with humidity that can cause mold.  Such a minimal investment could save you thousands in preventing a catastrophic failure.

Another trend is to become more environmentally conscious by installing a greywater recycling system.  Greywater is wastewater from laundry, kitchen, bathing, and other generally household use.  Instead of it all going down the drain, these systems can repurpose the water for outdoor use such as gardening or simply returning the water to the earth without much processing.  These systems can reduce water usage and reduce your bills.

So next time the plumber is over, see if they can install any of these time and money saving devices.  You’ll be glad you did!